Navigation Path

  1. Go to Data Management > Mapp Connect.
  2. Open the Magento integration of your choice.
  3. Click the Mapping tab.

For general mapping information, see Mapping.

Default Mapping for Magento

A mapping is a list of imported data objects from Magento. There are four default types of import and you do not need to setup anything on your own.


​Transaction Mapping

Allows to:

  • import Magento order data,
  • save the data in the Transactional Related Data table, and
  • send order email.

The Edit button allows to:

  • change mapping items (not recommended due to email parameters – if the mapping name is changed, email placeholder needs to be changed as well), or
  • add additional order attributes (they need to be added to the Transactional Related Data structure first).

​Newsletter Mapping

​Adds users to newsletter mapping. Not editable.

​Customer Mapping​

Adds users to Mapp Engage. By clicking Edit, users can add more Magento attributes as add-on attributes.

​E-mail Mapping​

Here are all the default parameters that can be used as email placeholders. Editing and adding new parameters is allowed (remember to use the same name in email placeholders with parameters).

Coupon MappingImports coupons from your store or another system in bulk.

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