A) Download & Install

With PHP composer

  1. Download the Mapp Connect plugin from Magento Marketplace.

  2. To install, follow Adobe's instructions for installing extensions. You will need these commands in the course of this process:

composer require mappconnect/magento2-module


bin/magento setup:upgrade 

Without PHP composer

Use the PHP Package from one of these locations:

B) Configure

Plugin configuration options are described on the Magento Plugin Setup (window) page.

  1. In your Magento account, go to Stores > Configuration > Mapp Cloud > Mapp Engage (Connect) - General.
  2. In the General Configuration section, enable the module and add the API URL.

  3. In the Integration Configuration section, enable the integration and provide the integration ID and secret key. These can be obtained from Mapp Engage. For more information, see Create an Integration.

    Some configuration options that follow this step will only be visible in the plugin interface when the integration has been correctly configured and the connection is active.

  4. In the Export Connection Configuration section, turn on or off which data should be imported to Mapp Engage.
  5. In the Mapp Engage Groups Configuration section, select the relevant groups. These must first be created in Mapp Engage. 

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