The Adobe Commerce platform sends Magento data sets to Mapp Engage so that you can use them in behavior-targeted marketing campaigns. Magento data sets include data on customers, subscribers, or orders, among others.

Key Benefits​

  • Fast and simple integration with the Mapp Engage messaging solution.

  • Easily use existing eCommerce data for customer lifecycle email marketing.

  • Create highly efficient, targeted email campaigns through advanced tracking, segmentation, and personalization features.

As of December 2022, we only support versions 2.4.4 and newer.


  1. An active Magento (Adobe Commerce) account.
  2. An active Mapp Engage account with two feature switches turned on:
    • mapp_connect_enabled
    • mapp_connect_magento_enabled

Use cases

  • Establish and control the synchronization between Magento (Multi-Site) and Mapp Engage.
  • Use field-mapping templates to define how Magento data sets are stored in Mapp Engage.

  • Make Magento 'Customers' available in Mapp Engage and use it in digital marketing campaigns.

  • Save order data in Transactional Related Data.

  • Subscribe customers to a newsletter.

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