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Losses and Potential Reach​

This area displays problems that appeared during the sendout, as well as any potential new contacts made through forwards.

  • Addresses Lost: This area displays the numbers of addresses that are no longer available for contact in future sendouts. Addresses may be "lost" either due to an automatic process (invalid domains, hard bounces) or because of a recipient's reaction to your mail (spam complaints, unsubscribes).

    • Unsubscribes: This entry shows the number of recipients who unsubscribed after receiving the message.

    • Hard Bounces: This entry displays the number of addresses lost to a hard bounce. Bounces are the number of messages that were rejected by the receiving server. Engage differentiates between hard and soft bounces. Bounces do not include messages that go into the spam folder or that are answered through automatic replies (e.g. out of office messages).
      Hard bounces are delivery failures for permanent reasons (e.g. a misspelled email address).

    • Spam Complaints: This entry shows the number of recipients who flagged the message as spam in their inbox. As not every email provider reports this activity back to the system, the actual number of spam complaints may be higher.

    • Invalid Domain: This entry displays the number of messages that could not be delivered due to an invalid domain (e.g.

Additional Sends​

This area displays the number of recipients who additionally received the message outside of the initial sendout, i.e. through a forwarded message.

  • Total Forwards: This is the total number of recipients who received the message via our system's forward button in the message. Messages forwarded directly from the email client (e.g. Outlook, Gmail) cannot be calculated.