What's Happening?

iOS 17 features an improved private browsing experience. This enhancement integrates a new anti-tracking system, Link Tracking Protection, to prevent users from being tracked via hyperlinks. More details about this feature can be found on this page provided by Apple.

Link Tracking Protection is enabled by default in Appleā€™s native Mail app, Messages, and Safari's Private Browsing mode.

How does it work?

Specific tracking parameters in URLs that could be used to identify users will be automatically identified and eliminated.

Not all link parameters are filtered out, only those commonly used for cross-domain user tracking (e.g., "gclid").

Link without Link Tracking Protection enabled


Link with Link Tracking Protection enabled


How does this affect Mapp users?

There are currently no known effects on Mapp products.

Mapp Intelligence

  • The default URL parameters used by Mapp Intelligence for campaign tracking ("mc" or "wt_mc") aren't currently affected.
  • If you use custom URL parameters for campaign tracking, ensure they aren't affected. There is no official overview of which parameters are filtered out. Initial tests show that the following parameters are among those affected:

    • gclid (used by Google Ads)
    • msclkid (used by Microsoft Ads)
    • fbclid (used by Facebook)
    • igshid (used by Instagram)
    • twclid (used by Twitter)
    • mc_eid (used by Mailchimp)

Mapp Engage

  • Standard email click tracking is not affected because we use redirects, not URL parameters.
  • Any other URL parameters that might be used in Mapp Engage are currently not affected.