To attach a special parameter to all links of a message. These parameters enable an external web analytics system to recognize and evaluate the various email campaigns of Engage. For an overview of the various levels of integration, see Web Analytics Integrations.

The steps below can be used to integrate all of the web analytics tools that are described under ​Web Analytics Tool Integration with the exception of ATI Internet. For instructions on how to set up an integration for ATI Internet, please see ​Integrate AT Internet (Level 1, external web analytics tool)​.


  1. In the main navigation, click Audience > Groups.
  2. Choose the groups whose messages should be evaluated with the web analytics tool.
  3. Click the  button to edit the group settings.
  4. Click the ​Tracking & Links tab.
  5. Expand the ​Link Parameters area.
  6. Click the button ​Web Analytics. A new window for selecting a web analytics tool opens.
  7. Choose your web analytics system by clicking the button . The link parameters required by the selected web analytics system are automatically filled in.

    Depending on the web analytics system, it may be necessary to activate the parameters in the web analytics system. Contact the administrator of your web system for this information.

    In order to transmit additional information to the web analytics system, links can be assigned additional parameters.

  8. Any links you would like to exclude from link tracking can be defined by expanding the additional area Exclude Links. Please see the instructions under Exclude Links From Link Parameters.
  9. Click ​Save to save the parameter settings. During the sendout of every message from this group, this parameter will be added to every link that was not explicitly excluded in Step 8.