1. Log in to your VTEX account and install the Mapp Cloud Integration extension from the App Store.

  2. In the Engage tab, enter information from Mapp Engage.
  3. Click Save.
  4. (optional) Select On if you are implementing double-opt in steps in your process.
  5. Select the Customers group and the Subscribers group from the drop-down lists.
  6. Select the messages that you created previously in Engage. Click Save.

  7. (optional) If you want to send emails from Mapp Engage, go to templates in the VTEX admin page and disable sending emails for:

    1. [OMS] Order confirmation
    2. [OMS] Order canceled
    3. [OMS] Payment approved
    4. [OMS] Order invoiced
      This will prevent sending duplicate emails from both Engage and VTEX. For more information see Getting Started With VTEX Plugin for Engage, section A.