This document shows you, how to install the Salesforce plugin and establish a connection between Mapp Engage and Salesforce.

Please note that this is an optional feature that has to be activated.

General Information

Once the connection is successfully set up, the plugin creates a group in Mapp Engage. As soon as any Salesforce contact is updated or created, it will be created in Mapp Engage and added to this group. 

The group name is always "integrationId_Salesforce" (e.g. 2739_Salesforce).

You can also create a group manually in Mapp Engage.

Since the API works asynchronously, contact synchronization may in rare cases take more time.


  1. Log in to your Salesforce account.
    1. Install the Mapp Connect Salesforce package by clicking one of these links:
      1. Production:
      2. Sandbox:
  2. Add Mapp Connect API address.
    a. Go to the SETUP view.
    b. Search for Remote Site Settings.
    c. Click New Remote Site.

  3. Add Name and URL.

    The Remote Site URL depends on the Mapp cluster that you are on:

    1. ECM cluster:, or

    2. L3 cluster:

       For more information, see Mapp Engage Clusters and Time Zones. Contact your account manager, if you need help.

  4. Add the Mapp Engage campaign type.

    1. Search for Object Manager.

    2. Choose the Campaign element.

    3. Click Fields & Relationships, then select the element Type .

    4. Create a new item for Campaign Type Picklist Values and call it "Mapp Engage".

  5.  Make a connection to Mapp Engage.

    1. Go to the Sales view. 

    2. Edit the menu and add "Mapp Connect" to the navigation.

  6. In the navigation, click More > Mapp Connect.

    1. Provide the API URL (the same one as the one added for Remote Site Settings).

    2. To get the Integration ID and API Secret, continue with the next step and leave the page open.

  7. Open a new browser tab and login to Mapp Engage. Click Data ManagementMapp Connect > Add New Integration and choose Type "Salesforce".
    Add a name and click Create.

  8. Copy information from Mapp Engage to Salesforce.

    1. Copy the Integration ID to the Salesforce Mapp Connect tab. 

    2. Generate and copy the Secret.

    3. Save Mapp Connect Add-On in Mapp Engage.

    4. Save Mapp Connection in Salesforce.

  9. Choose a Lead Group to sync Salesforce leads and opportunities to Mapp Engage. This is the group that is automatically created by the plugin, but you can also create one manually in Mapp Engage and select it here.
    Connect the integration, when the status is changed to Connected and choose a group to export Salesforce users to.


    The above group will collect all NEW or EDITED users in Salesforce. There are two possible paths to ensure that all contacts are synced:

    • export all Salesforce contacts and import to the above group (recommended for larger volume)
    • create a Salesforce campaign type "Mapp Engage" and add all users into it. Then choose this group as Lead Group in the Mapp Connect settings. For more information, see Create Engage campaign type in Salesforce

Next Step