To add one or more symbols to the subject line of a message.


Before you send your message, verify that common email clients and service providers support the symbols in the subject line of the message.

Background Information​

The subject line of a message is the first thing that a recipient sees. Interesting and informative subject lines increase the likelihood that a recipient opens your message. Symbols can be added to the subject line of a message to catch the attention of a recipient. Symbols are found in the character map of your computer.

Be aware of the following considerations when you use symbols:

  • Choice of Symbols - The symbols that you choose is influencing the success of your message. The more appropriate your choice of symbols is, the greater the chance that the recipient reads your message.
    For example,  ♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

  • Number of Symbols - Always use symbols sparingly. Large numbers of symbols in the subject line of a message can cause a message to be interpreted as spam. For this reason, carefully consider the use of symbols. When in doubt, it is best not to insert a symbol.
    For example,  ♥☻☼♣ Your order from XYZ ♣☼☻♥ is not an appropriate use of symbols.

  • Font - Use Arial or Times New Roman for your symbol. These fonts are the most commonly used and support most of the symbols that appear in the character table. These fonts cause fewer problems in popular email clients and service providers.

  • Colour - Mapp Engage does not display colored symbols. The display of colored symbols is not supported consistently among email clients and service providers. For example, a ♥ (Heart Symbol) that is displayed in red by Gmail is displayed in black by Microsoft Outlook.



Messages that contain a symbol in the subject line must have UTF-8 character encoding. An error message is created if a message which contains a symbol uses a different encoding.

  1. Enter the word "Character Map" in the search field of your Windows start menu.
    ⇒The search results include the Character Map program.
  2. To launch the program, click the search result.
    ⇒The ​Character Map​ window opens.
  3. Select ​Arial​ or ​Times New Roman​ from the ​Font​ drop-down list.
  4. Click the symbol that you want to use and then click ​Select​.
  5. To copy a symbol from the ​Characters to copy​ area, use the [STRG]+[C] keyboard shortcut.
  6. To paste the symbol into the subject line of your message, use the [STRG]+[V] keyboard shortcut.