Navigation Path​

  1. Create or edit an email message and navigate to step ​2. Content​ of the message creation wizard.

    ⇒ By default, step ​2. Content​ opens in the ​HTML Code​ view.
  2. Click the ​HTML Editor​ tab.
  3. Select an image in the email.
  4. Click the  icon.
    ⇒ The ​Insert or Edit Image Map window opens.


This window lets you easily create an image map in Mapp Engage. An image map is a single image with multiple hyperlink areas. Normally, in an email, an entire image hyperlinks to one destination.

The image map feature makes it easy to link various parts of an image. You do not need to divide the image into multiple image files.

Example: You have a graphic of a four-person family with different styles from your spring collection. Use the image map to link directly to each item of clothing in your online catalog.


The toolbar in the image map area offers various shapes. Use these shapes to select the precise areas of an image that you want to link to your website.



The ​Pointer​ tool selects the desired image link.

The ​Rectangle​ tool marks a rectangular area in the image.

To mark a square image area, use the ​Rectangle​ tool while holding the ​Shift​ key.

The ​Circle​ tool marks a circular area in the image.

The ​Polygon​ tool marks an area of ​​any shape in the image.

To set the final point of the polygon, click while holding the ​Shift​ key.

The ​Delete Selected Area​ tool deletes the selected image link.


Defines the scale of the image.

Use the zoom to increase the display of the image so you can create a more precise image map.

Hyperlink Properties​

Use the  symbol to click on one of the areas of your image map. Now you change the hyperlink properties for that part of the image map.

  • ​URL:​ Defines the URL of the website or landing page that the link goes to.

  • ​Info:​ Defines text that is displayed to the recipient when the mouse pointer is placed over an image map.

  • ​Link Behaviour:​ Defines how the website or landing page opens in the Web browser.

    • ​Not Set: ​Opens the link in the same window or tab where the recipient is located. This option is selected by default.

    • ​Same Window:​ Opens the link in the same window or tab where the recipient is located.

    • ​New Window:​ Opens the link in a new window or tab.

    • ​Primary Window:​ Opens the link in the top window or table. If the current window or the current tab is already at the top, the link opens in the same window or tab.


How the website or landing page opens also depends on the web browser, the browser settings, and the email client.




​Remove Map

Removes all image links from the image.


Saves all inserted and edited image links for the image.


Cancels the insertion and edits of the image links. Any unsaved changes are lost.