Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click Create​ New > ​Message​
    Step ​1. Type opens.
  2. Enter message information and select ​Email​ from the ​Type​ drop-down list.
  3. Click ​Create​ .
    Step ​2. Content opens.


When you create an email message, the content area of the message creation wizard opens in the HTML code view. This view highlights HTML syntax and displays numbers for each line of code. Commonly, the HTML code is developed in a separate tool and either uploaded to Mapp Engage or pasted directly into the code view.

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Email clients can have problems with hyperlinks that are placed inside single quotation marks. We recommend that you create your hyperlinks with double quotation marks.

Correct: <a href="">Click here!</a>

Incorrect: <a href='Click'>'>Click here!</a>

​HTML Format:​ Provides options for formatting the HTML code.

  • ​Minimize:​ Removes indentation and structure from the HTML code. All content is displayed as a single line of code. This option reduces the size of your email message.

  • ​Auto Indent:​ Indent blocks of code to convey the structure of the HTML. Each tag is displayed on a new line.

​Personalization:​ Provides options for locating personalization placeholders.

  • Goes to the previous personalization in the HTML code.

  • Goes to the next personalization in the HTML code.

​Un-/Redo:​ Provides options for applying changes.

  • Removes the last change.

  • Redoes the last undone change.