If you use raw data export to the Mapp Intelligence SFTP download server, the raw data will be kept for 14 days. All older data will be discarded. Please adjust your processes to gather the data accordingly. If your login has write permissions in your directory on download.webtrekk.com, you can integrate the deletion of the data into the process after retrieval.

Should you nevertheless need older raw data again, you can export them manually from the front end. The format of the manual format also corresponds to that of the automatic export, so that an import into your systems does not require any further effort. Please note, however, that one summary file is created per export job and not per shipping interval.

The hourly export is limited to 7 days per export due to the amount of data, but you can export several times in a row. Daily exports are not limited by time.

More information on raw data definition can be found here.