Sometimes you are on your website and you may ask yourself: which data is available for this website in the Mapp Intelligence data and how do I find the website in the Mapp Intelligence frontend?

It is then very tempting to use the dimension Page URL in the frontend and filter for the URL of the website.

Please note, however, that the Page URL is a page category and does not have to correspond to the current URL.

More information can be found here: How can I replace missing values ("-") in categories?

The only reliable method of finding your website data in the frontend is using the ContentId. The ContendId is used in the frontend in the dimension Pages.

You can proceed as follows to determine the ContentId of a website:

  • Open the developer tools of your browser (with F12) on your website
  • Enter the following code:


You then receive the ContentId as a return value. If you filter the "Pages" dimension to this value, you will get the data for this website.