Within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been in force since 25 May 2018, everyone has the right to gain access and have their personal data deleted. This also includes the data collected by Mapp Intelligence.

Mapp offers you the Data Privacy Compliance Manager, which you can find in the configuration in Mapp Intelligence. (Available for users with admin rights and users with the role "Data Privacy Compliance Manager").

In case of a deletion request, the actual data is not deleted, but every link to the end-user. So the total number of visits, page impressions, orders, etc. does not change.

Data access or deletion can be requested according to three criteria:

  • the end device ID (this is stored in the end user's cookie)
  • the customer ID
  • an order ID (order number)

If an end-user, who is one of your customers, requests data access/deletion, the request can be made based on his customer ID. If he is not a customer, but he has already ordered as a guest from you at least once, the order number can be used for his request. If neither is the case, the only option is to use the ID from the end user's Mapp Intelligence cookie. To export this ID, you can, for example, integrate the code snippet from the appendix into your website. This returns the corresponding ID for each TrackID used on the website (for each Mapp Intelligence account in which data is sent).

To start a request, you must select the data account and the type of ID in the Data Privacy Compliance Manager. Then enter the appropriate ID and start the relevant process.

In the lower part of the website, you will have an overview of the request made and their status.

Further information is available here.

Learn more about the Cookie ID Disclosure Plugin here.