Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Contacts​ > ​Blacklists​.
    ⇒The ​Blacklists​ window opens to the ​Group Blacklist​ tab
  2. Select a group from the ​Group​ drop-down list.
    ⇒The blacklist for the selected group opens


This window provides an overview of all domains and addresses that are currently saved in the group blacklist.




​Create New​

Opens the ​New Group Blacklist Entry​ window. There, new entries are added to the group blacklist. Entries can be created for mobile numbers, email addresses, or entire domains.


Opens the ​Import Group Blacklist​ window. You can import a file that contains email addresses, mobile numbers, or domains. You can import the file in XML or text format.


Removes all the selected entries from the blacklist. When you delete a blacklist entry, the contact can be re-imported or subscribe to the group.


Exports the group blacklist as a CSV file.




​Domain / Email / Mobile​

Shows the items on the blacklist. This filter determines whether email addresses, mobile numbers, domains or all entries are displayed.


Shows the date on which the contact or domain was added to the blacklist.


Shows the current state of the entry on the blacklist.

  • ​Not Verified​ - After an entry is added to the blacklist, Mapp Engage verifies that blacklisted contacts are removed from the group. Address data corresponding to a blacklist entry can still be present somewhere in the group.
  • ​Verified​ - Mapp Engage has verified that the address was removed from the group. No contact with address data corresponding to the blacklist entry is present in the group.

Change Display Options​




Controls which blacklist entries are displayed.

  • ​All​ - All types of blacklist entries are displayed.
  • ​Domains​ - All the entered domains are displayed. The domain is the part of the email address after the @ sign. When domains are added to the blacklist, all contacts at this domain are no longer contacted and are automatically deleted from the group.
  • ​Email​ - Only the email addresses on the blacklist are displayed. The entire email address must be entered to place a contact on the blacklist.
  • ​Mobile​ - Only the mobile numbers on the blacklist are displayed.


Filters the entries according to the values in the filter fields. It is possible to combine multiple filter criteria.

​Remove Filter​

Removes all filters and displays all available entries.

​ Visible Rows​

Changes the number of rows that are displayed per page.

Navigates to the next or previous page of results. The arrows appear when not all entries can be displayed on one page.

​ Select All​

Selects all visible entries.