This article provides a structured overview of all available training chapters for Mapp Intelligence.

For beginners

These training chapters answer the most important questions for getting started with Mapp Intelligence:

In-depth understanding of analyses

The following training chapters help to gain an in-depth understanding of analyses:

Functions and features

These training chapters present important functions and features of Mapp Intelligence in detail:

Conception and validation of the implementation

These training chapters assist you in conception, review, and establishment of digital analyses in the company.

  • Digital analytics in companies
    Provides an overview of the recommended steps for the integration of Mapp Intelligence as well as tips for communication in companies.

  • Data collection
    Shows, which options for data collection with Mapp Intelligence exist and what advanced setup possibilities arise.

  • Setup options for the tracking of elements
     Mapp Intelligence offers a variety of analyses. Some of them automatically provide data, as soon as the pixel is integrated (e.g. Which end devices were used, from which country was the access made...). On the contrary, this training chapter covers all elements, that you can affect actively. For each element, we provide use cases and show a selection of best practices.

  • Review of data collection
    Shows ways for reviewing the data transmitted to Mapp Intelligence and how the integration should be tested.