To exclude certain links from the application of a parameter during sendout.

Background Information​

When you add a hyperlink to a message, you can add parameters that insert information into the URL. When a contact clicks the link, Engage transmits the link parameter to a web analytics tool or e-commerce system. These parameters can contain static values, personalization placeholders, and Engage Variables. When personalized, Engage replaces the placeholders in the links during sendout with the corresponding value that is stored in the system.

As a result, every link in a message sent to this group includes the defined parameters. If there are links in a message that you do not want to modify, you can exclude them from the application of the parameter.

Link parameters are defined for a group in the ​Group Settings.​ 

For more information, see Tracking & Links (Tab).


  1. In the main navigation, click Audience > Groups.
  2. In the ​Actions​ column, click  | ​Change Settings​ or the  symbol.
  3. Go to the ​Tracking & Links​ tab.
  4. Expand the ​Link Parameters​ area.
  5. In the ​Exclude Links​ area, click the  button. Two input fields appear:
  6. In the Regex Pattern field, define a pattern to exclude parameters from being added to the link. Use a regular expression.


    You want to exclude all links that contain a certain string of characters. To exclude all links that contain Google, you insert .*google.* in the first input field.
    For further Regex rules, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regular_expression.

  7. In the second input field, enter a text that helps you to remember what kind of rule you created. This description does not affect how the rule functions.
  8. To exclude multiple links, click the button again.
  9. Click ​Save to save your changes.