Using Events, you can measure clicks on links or other actions.


  • PDF downloads
  • Clicks on HTML links
  • Clicks on teasers

Short Facts

"wt_ignore" is shown if for an action, no LinkId is passed.
This happens, for example, when using a plugin provided by Mapp Intelligence (i.e., for measuring the scroll position). It also can point to erroneous integration when using manual event tracking. Optionally, an event that starts a visit may be discarded. This setting can be adapted by Mapp Intelligence

Pages and Events

Mapp Intelligence assigns an event to the last page tracked within the same visit.

If a user is using more than one tab, this can lead to an incorrect assignment of links. Therefore, we recommend setting (e.g., in Tag Integration) the measurement of a Page Impression for each time a tab is activated. For more specifics, please see Implementation 2 Data Collection - Section 2.6 Multitab-Browsing.

Further information 

Setup Options for the Tracking of Elements