Shows a unique visitor ID, that is written into an ever cookie created by Mapp. This cookie ID is unique for each Mapp Intelligence account and (when using 1st party cookies) for each domain.

In order to identify a user as unique as possible, use the dimension "URM - Visitor Id". Here also login information (customer ID; if available) is taken into account for the visitor identification.

Syntax of the ID

End device Visitor Id is composed by several information:

  • Cookies created by the server (3rd party cookies)
    Syntax: 4 + timestamp (10-digit) + 8-digit random number
  • Cookies created by the browser (1st party cookies)
    Syntax: 2 + timestamp (10-digit) + 8-digit random number
  • invalid EID (contains letters, is too long or too short)
    Syntax: 5 + timestamp (10-digit) + 8-digit random number
  • When using SDKs
    Syntax: 6 + timestamp (10-digit) + 8-digit random number

Name of the cookies

The cookies are called "wt3_eid" when using 1st party cookies. When using 3rd party cookies they are called "wteid_<<TRACKID>>".

The visitor ID is submitted to Mapp in the parameter "eid" when using 1st party cookies.


The duration of the cookie is 6 months by default and can be changed in Mapp Tag Integration (when using 1st party cookies) or by the Mapp consulting (when using 3rd party cookies).

A new ID is generated at the next visit in case the cookie was deleted manually or after 6 months of inactivity.