This function allows you to skip certain recipients, either by defining them specifically or with an InsertIf expression. Please note that this method is considered deprecated, and we would encourage you to organize sendouts with Segments.


  1. You want to send around an email to users that aren't relevant to anyone in England. You could then use skip recipient based on their stored country code:

    <ec:skiprecipient expression="${((user.ISOCountryCode=='EN'))}" />
  2. You want to send around an email in German, so you need to make sure it doesn't end up in the inbox of anyone who doesn't speak German:

    <%InsertIf expression="${((user.CustomAttribute['language']!='german'))}" id="NonGerman"%> <ec:skiprecipient/> <%/InsertIf%>


<ec:skiprecipient expression="${((PROFILE ATTRIBUTE=='VALUE'))}" />



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