Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click ​Administration​ >​ System Settings​ > Settings
  2. Click ​Domain Whitelist
    The ​System Settings​ window opens to the ​Domain Whitelist​ tab


This tab shows a list of the email domains that are whitelisted to work in your Mapp Engage system. Only email addresses at these domains are allowed to log into your Mapp Engage system as system users.

You cannot edit the whitelist directly. If you want to add or remove an email domain from this whitelist, contact your customer representative.




There is one whitelist that applies to all system user roles.

The domain whitelist applies to all system user roles.

There is a different whitelist for each system user role.

Different whitelists apply to different system user roles. For example, your Marketing Managers can use any email domain, but the Client Administrator role must log in from your company email domain.

There is no whitelist in place.

There is no whitelist for system user domains in your Mapp Engage system. System users can log in with an email address from any email domain.