In this window, you have an overview of the dispatch schedule for your chosen report. You may also add, edit, or delete dispatches. 


Indicates the state of the last scheduled execution of the dispatch:

  • Gray:  The scheduled dispatch has not been executed or has been deactivated
  • Green: the last execution was successful
  • Orange: execution of the sendout failed due to the following reasons:
    • "Connection profile deactivated". This occurs when the connection profile was deactivated during the last execution.
    • "The connection could not be established"
    • "The export file could not be generated"
    • "General error" 
  • Red: Scheduled dispatch was deactivated by the system for the following reasons:
    • "Connection Profile not found". The connection profile may have been deleted, or there is another issue with it.
    • "Scheduling owner not found" 
TitleA name for the report
DescriptionThis text is shown at the beginning of the report. Here you could, for example, introduce important metrics and formulas that are used in the report.
Export ModeDispatches can be sent to an Email or Remote Server (Only SFTP at this time)
IntervalHow often should the dispatch be sent? You may select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
StatusYou may toggle the dispatch to active or inactive
ActionsThe report may either be edited or deleted