Shows the kind of device visits were made from. This information is extracted from the User-Agent.

  • PC / laptop

  • Tablet
    Includes all accesses via tablets.
    An exception is Windows-based tablets. These are not listed separately due to technical limitations and the PC / laptop class will be assigned instead.

  • Smartphone
    Includes all accesses via smartphones.

  • TV
    Includes all accesses via smart TVs.

  • Console
    Includes all accesses via video game consoles.

  • E-Reader
    Includes all accesses via e-book readers.

  • Mediahub
    Includes accesses via media streaming devices that need to be connected to an external display (e.g., Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast).

  • other
    The device does not belong to one of the classes above.

  • unknown
    The device could not be detected and is therefore not assigned to one of the classes above.

Use the dimension Device Model to get the model number of devices that are distributed under this name.

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