Does the Data Privacy Compliance Manager support multiple languages?

Yes, the tool supports both German and English. This can be configured via User Management the same as usual. 

How long is the retrieved data stored? How long is the download active in the tool?

30 Days. Afterwards, the package (.zip) will expire and be removed from our systems as part of a cleanup process. It will then no longer be available.

What about the request data shown in the table?

This is stored indefinitely to serve as an audit log.

What is the actual data being used in the user look-up ("Get User Info")?

Our lookup logic is accessing the production data ( "Direct Access Data") as this is the only data that is relevant for responding to "Right to Access" requests. We do not include archives, aggregates, backups, or any data that we use for testing and development purposes. Rest assured, this process is GDPR compliant.

To follow up on that previous one: what about anonymization then? Does that include archive data?

Yes, the anonymization also includes archive data. As rare as it may be, from time to time we restore some accounts from their respective backups. Therefore, the backups should also be clean of end-user data when an end-user invokes their "Right to be forgotten".

How long does it take for data requests and deletion jobs to be executed?

It can take several days for the jobs to be executed because these tasks are very complex and require many resources.

The display of the Data Privacy Compliance Manager in my browser is not correct. What can I do?

Display errors may occur if you are not using the latest version of your browser.

Is an API available to create data requests and delete user data?

There is no API available to manage user data.