CRM data can be integrated into Mapp Intelligence to ensure a comprehensive valuation of customers or leads. On the other hand, Mapp Intelligence is able to import web-specific information into the CRM system to broaden the database.

This article shows you, how to connect Mapp Intelligence with a CRM System.

What data can be provided by Mapp Intelligence?

All data can be imported from Mapp Intelligence. For instance, the visited pages and categories, viewed products/products added to the shopping cart/purchased products, used marketing campaigns…

Furthermore, Mapp Intelligence supports the RFM and RFE model in order to rate users quickly and efficiently. These data can also be used.

Mapp Intelligence also provides a range of predictions for calculating purchase and return probabilities.

What data can be imported from the CRM system to Mapp Intelligence?

Text as well as numerical values can be imported. The exact number of user attributes depends on the specific contract. 

How can Mapp Intelligence be connected to the CRM System?

There are 2 cases to differentiate: Is a customer account created or not?   

  • Customer account is newly created or already exists
    At the first access to the website, a unique customer ID is created, which also has to be indicated by the customer at subsequent visits. The customer ID serves as a key between Mapp Intelligence and the CRM system.
    In most cases, the encrypted email address is handed over as a customer ID. This means that no personal references can be made in Mapp Intelligence. Therefore, the encrypted customer ID should be stored in the CRM system as a user attribute.
  • Customer account does not exist
    In this case, the exchange can be realized on the basis of a device ID. For example, it is also possible to export data of non-customers. The data import into Mapp Intelligence is usually realized on the basis of an order number. By using the order number the device ID can be identified.

The data exchange is usually done via data feeds.

Example lead status

A lead is generated on the website. Without an integration of the CRM data, no evaluation of the lead quality is possible. Therefore, the conversion status (lead, offer created, sale) and the age is handed over subsequently via the CRM system. These data are used in Mapp Intelligence in order to assess the marketing campaigns, for instance. Mapp Intelligence hands over the viewed products and the used marketing campaigns of the user to the CRM system.

Setup in Mapp Intelligence

In Mapp Intelligence URM categories have to be set up initially, in which the data imported from the CRM System is stored.

For doing this click on Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Categories > URM Categories > New Category . The data type "Figure" is only selected, when numerical information has to be stored, on which a calculation shall be based on. For instance, to answer the question: What age are my users on average, that have purchased product A?


Setting up the data feed

Data can be exchanged between the CRM system and Mapp using a data feed. It can be configured at Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Feeds.

Based on the example the feed for the import could be configured as follows: