This process creates a whiteboard that is triggered at a specific date and time.


  1. Whiteboards are an extra feature that must be enabled for your system.

  2. You need the following permissions to use whiteboards:

    Permission Number

    Permission Name



    Whiteboard: View All

    Allows you to view whiteboards in your system.


    Whiteboard: View and Edit All Whiteboards

    Allows you to edit all whiteboards in your system.


    Automations: Activate Automations

    Allows you to activate and deactivate whiteboards in your system.

  3. Prepare anything that you need for the setup of your whiteboard, for example, segments, or prepared messages. These resources must be created in their own areas of the system and cannot be created on the whiteboard.

General Information

As you work, Mapp Engage shows you the events, jobs, and filters that make sense for the current step. Options that are not allowed in a certain location are not displayed.

General rules scheduled whiteboards:

  • The scheduled whiteboard begins on the specified date and time. When the start task occurs, all contacts begin their whiteboard journey.

  • Scheduled whiteboards enroll contacts who are active members of the whiteboard audience group when the first scheduled step begins. The whiteboard does not enroll contacts who join the group after the first step on the plan begins.

  • Always plan enough time between steps.
    One hour is the minimum delay between steps on a scheduled whiteboard. Some processes take more time. For example, when you send prepared messages, you can select the option to distribute sendout over time to see a processing estimate.

  • When you start your scheduled whiteboard with an ​Import Contacts​ job, you must add a Wait period of at least one hour. The Wait element creates a delay between the start of the import and the next step on your plan. Import times vary from a few minutes to several hours. For contact imports that are larger than 500k, we recommend a waiting period of 6 hours.

  • If you start your whiteboard with an import, the whiteboard audience group is set to the target group of your import automatically.

  • It is possible to add an event zone to a scheduled whiteboard. Within the event zone, Mapp Engage reacts to the behavior of individual contacts in real-time.


A) Create the Whiteboard

  1. In the ​main navigation​, click ​Automations​ > ​Whiteboards.
  2. Click ​Create​.
  3. In the New Whiteboard window, select ​Scheduled.
  4. Define the name of the new whiteboard.

    The name must be unique in the system and no longer than 100 characters. After you create your whiteboard plan, you can use the global search function in the top navigation to locate the plan by name.

  5. (optional) To provide more information about the whiteboard, enter a description. It helps you identify the whiteboard in the system. Descriptions can contain a maximum of 1000 characters.
  6. Click ​Create​.
  7. To define a goal event for your whiteboard plan, click ​Setup​.
  8. In the ​Whiteboard Goal​ area of the ​Setup​ panel, select the Goal Event. This event defines when contacts end their journey on your whiteboard.

    • All standard whiteboard events can be defined as a goal event.

    • Goal events cannot be split.

    • If the same event is specified as a goal event and also placed on the whiteboard plan, the goal event has priority. Journey after the same standard event that is placed on your whiteboard canvas is not continued.

  9. To save your changes, click ​Apply​. The ​Setup​ panel closes and you return to the whiteboard canvas.

B) Configure Whiteboard details

  • Start jobs define which group of Mapp Engage contacts can enter the whiteboard and when the plan starts.
  • The ​Whiteboard Audience​ start job is mandatory.
  • The ​Import Contacts​ start job is optional. If you select the ​Import Contacts​ start job, add the import as the first step on your plan. Add the ​Whiteboard Audience​ start job as the second step.
  1. Click ​Add First Step​ on the whiteboard canvas, and select one of these task:

    1. Whiteboard Audience
      Defines when the plan starts and the group of contacts who can enter the plan. Only contacts who are active members of the whiteboard audience group at the moment the first step begins enter the plan. The whiteboard does not enroll contacts who join the group after the first step on the plan begins.
    2. ​Import Contact s
      Adds contact data that you have stored on an FTP server to an existing Mapp Engage group. By default, the group into which you import the contacts becomes your whiteboard audience group. For more information, see Import Contacts.
    3. Click ​Apply​.
  2. To add more steps to the whiteboard, click the ​Add Next Step ​rectangle on the whiteboard canvas. The steps that you choose guide your contact down a path of selected marketing interactions.
  3. Continue to add steps to the whiteboard until your whiteboard plan is complete.
  4. To check your whiteboard plan, click ​Validate​ in the ​Actions​ menu. The system checks each step on the plan and notifies you of any errors.
  5. To save your whiteboard, click ​Save​ in the ​Actions​ menu.
    The system saves the new whiteboard and sets the status to inactive. The steps on an inactive whiteboard are not executed and can be edited.

C) Activate the Whiteboard

  1. To activate your scheduled whiteboard plan, click ​Activate​.

    • If the whiteboard plan is logically correct and all necessary fields are filled, Mapp Engage activates the whiteboard plan. Activation changes the status of a whiteboard to active.
    • When a whiteboard is active, Mapp Engage executes the automation on the whiteboard according to the sequence of steps on the plan.
    • If the whiteboard has errors, you cannot activate it. A message with the error appears at the bottom of the screen and in the notification center.