Navigation Path​

  1. When you search for a personalization rule that is saved on your Mapp Engage system, the structure view of the ​Personalization Builder​ opens automatically.
    To switch from editing a condition to the structure view of the personalization, click ​Structure​.
    ⇒  The ​Structure​ area where InsertIf/InsertElse statements are created opens.

Structuring Personalization Rules​

In the ​Structure​ area you can add InsertElse statements, create a nested structure of statements, and add content to a personalization rule. For more information, see ​personalization​.


You want a greeting line that is personalized with the title and last name of the recipient.

The structure of the personalization rule is created with several nested InsertIf and InsertElse statements.




Adds an InsertElse block on the same level as the existing block.

Expands or collapses the block to show content and nested statements in the selected block.

Opens the context menu of each block:

  • ​Add InsertElse:​ Adds an InsertElse block at the same level. The first block of each level of the personalization structure is always an InsertIf block. The second and subsequent blocks are InsertElse blocks. This structure enables Mapp Engage to recognise which parts of a personalization rule belong together. A new InsertIf on the same level indicates the start of a new personalization rule. Mapp Engage first checks whether the InsertIf statement is true for the recipient, then whether the next InsertElse applies. Each check depends on the results of the previous check.
  • Edit: ​ Allows changes to the InsertIf or InsertElse block. For more information, see ​Editing InsertIf/InsertElse Conditions (wizard area)​.
  • Edit Block Name: ​ Opens the ​Block Name​ window where you can change the name of the selected block. The block name helps identify the personalization in the system. The name also makes it easier to identify the block in the statistics area when you compare the success of various email variants. For more information, see Variations (tab)​.
  • Add content:​ Adds a content block to the selected InsertIf/InsertElse block. The content block is empty and ready to be edited.
  • Add default:​ Adds a default block. The default block does not contain a condition, it is the default statement when no other InsertIf or InsertElse statement applies.
  • Add nested InsertIf:​ Nests an ​InsertIf/InsertElse​ structure within the selected block. This option makes it possible to create a structure within the selected block.
    Example: you want to create conditions for male recipients who are interested in different sports (football, tennis, golf). You define a first InsertIf to select all recipients who are male. Within this InsertIf, you create a nested InsertIf/InsertElse structure for each sport: InsertIf (football), InsertElse (tennis), and InsertElse (golf).

Content Block Menu

  • Opens the ​Enter Content​ window. 
  • Add content:​ Adds a content block into the InsertIf/InsertElse structure.
  • Edit:​ Opens existing content in the ​Add Content​ window. 
  • Move to top / Move to bottom:​ This option is only available when a nested InsertIf is entered. The content for the top-level InsertIf/InsertElse block can be shown before or after the content of the sublevel InsertIf. To arrange content, use the ​Move to top / Move to bottom​ options.

Add Content​

The ​Add Content​ window allows you to add fixed content to a personalization. The content can be formatted with HTML tags or contain placeholders.

It is also possible to save personalizations without content, and add content into the personalization when you use the personalization in a message.




Searches for custom attributes and standard attributes.

Adds the selected attribute to your content.

​Input field​

Defines the fixed content of your InsertIf/InsertElse block. It is possible to use HTML tags to create layout for the content. Even nested InsertIf/InsertElse blocks can contain their own content.

Example: You can use nested rules to define a complex personalization rule for a personalised greeting line. After an InsertIf structure determines that the recipient has a last name on file, the personalization content is created:

  • 'Dear' is entered as fixed content for all recipients.

  • In the nested InsertIf, the system checks whether the recipient is male or female.

  • Mapp Engage adds Mr. <%user['Lastname']%> for male recipients and Ms <%user['Lastname']%> for female recipients.


Saves the content within the content block and closes the ​Add Content​ window.