To create an email that contains both HTML and plain text parts.

Background Information​

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) is an internet standard that allows you to send emails with multiple parts. A MIME message can include both an HTML version and a plain text version of your email.

The ​Compose Email Message​ window has two tabs for creating HTML and text email parts. When you create an email with both an HTML and text version, Mapp Engage automatically creates a multi-part message. Engage sends both message parts together as a MIME message. It considers the read mode preference of the contact to decide which part to send. If both parts are sent, the email client decides which version to display based on the preference of the contact,

We recommend that you include a text part in every email. Some contacts prefer text messages. Other contacts need a text version. For example, some individuals use a screen reader that reads the text version aloud to them. A multi-part email that includes a text-only part makes your email more accessible.

Some spam filters also check for a text part in your email. A text part in every sendout can increase deliverability.


Plain text email has some advantages and limitations.

  • Format: The text part of the email cannot contain images or font formatting. You can use special characters to create line breaks and to add visual interest to the text part.

  • Links: In a plain text email, the entire URL of your links displays. If your links contain tracking parameters, the links can be long. To create shorter link URLs, use links without tracking parameters in the plain text version of your email.

  • Opens: Since plain text messages do not support tracking pixels, Engage cannot detect when a recipient opens the message. However, Engage can estimate the number of opens based on link tracking information for the message.

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  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click Create​ New > ​Message.
    Step ​1. Type​ opens.
  2. Enter message information and select ​Email​ from the ​Type​ drop-down list.
  3. Click ​Create​.
    ⇒ Step ​2. Content​ opens.
  4. Click the ​HTML​ tab. Enter, paste, or upload your HTML content into the content area.
  5. Click the ​Text​ tab. Enter, paste, or upload your text into the content area.
  6. Click ​Save as Draft​ to save your email or click Prepare Sendout to start or schedule sendout.