With the cookie ID disclosure plugin, you can read out the Mapp Intelligence cookie IDs on your website. This is relevant to be GDPR compliant. By using this information in our Data Privacy Compliance Manager you can collect and delete data for a specific user.

Information on GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect May 25, 2018. This policy obliges you as a company to provide your users with the data stored about them on request.

GDPR primarily regulates the control of personal data of citizens within the European Union and Economic Area. Among other things, users have the right to request a copy of their personal data collected by the data controller (for example, companies that collect this data for further processing). This data must then be provided to the user in a standard electronic format. It also regulates the "right to be forgotten" which means that the end-user may require companies, for example, to delete all personal data collected about him, or to stop any further dissemination or processing of this data by third parties.

Mapp's Data Privacy Compliance Manager enables you to meet these legal requirements: Easily retrieve your customers' information and export data that is filtered for a single user in an electronic format.

From the technical point of view, you need the unique Cookie ID (EID) of your users for this purpose. This is collected via the Mapp Intelligence cookie ID disclosure plugin.

Only if you provide this ID to Mapp, it is possible to collect information about the respective user.

In this documentation, you will learn how to integrate the plugin.