The content store is the central library of media items in Mapp Engage. Here you can store different types of media for use in messages and on landing pages.

Message authors and the creators of landing pages can easily access the media that are stored in the content store. The content store helps you manage and organize your media assets in Mapp Engage.

Content Store Elements​

In Mapp Engage, the media items that you add to the content store are called content store elements (CSE).

The content store is divided into different tabs for each type of media. Each content store element is automatically added to the correct tab depending on the MIME type of the file. The ​All Files​ tab displays all of your content store elements on one tab.

Allowable File Types​

You can store the following types of files in the content store:

  • Image file formats: jpeg, gif, tiff, pjpeg

  • Text file formats: plain, rich, HTML, csv, xml, rtf

  • Media Files: video, music, audio

  • Other: message parts, message: multipart, application: x-shockwave-flash, application: octet-stream

The recommended image resolution is 72 dpi for images that recipients view online and 300 dpi for images that recipients print.

Forbidden File Types​

Mapp Engage does not allow file types that can contain malicious code. For example, you cannot upload an executable file (.exe), a link file (.lnk), or an mp3 file (.mp3). These file types are restricted for your security and protection, and that of your contacts. In addition, Mapp Engage scans the files that you upload with an antivirus scanner. If Mapp Engage detects a threat, an error message appears and you are not permitted to upload the file. If you see such an error message, contact your account manager for more information.

File Sizes​

The recommended limit size of images that are used in an email is 100 KB.

Large attachments and images have a negative impact on deliverability and can increase costs for contacts who open the message on a mobile network. By default, you have an upload limit of 1 MB per image. Mapp Engage also removes unnecessary metadata from uploaded images.

If this limit is insufficient for your needs, contact your account manager.

Mapp Engage Content Store limits can be set in 1 MB increments up to a maximum of 4 MB as required. Account Managers must submit a ticket that is subject to engineering approval.


By default, content store elements are stored for 180 days after their last download or use. After 180 days, the file is deleted.

Adding Content Store Elements​

There are two ways to import content store elements (CSEs):

Content Store Element Categories​

To make the management and organization of content store elements easier in Mapp Engage, assign categories to the content store elements. For more information, see Content Store Category Overview (window)​.