The ​Content Management area provides access to features you can use to create and organize reusable content in Mapp Engage:



​CMS Messages​

Create and manage messages based on predefined message templates.


Build blocks, set up frameworks, manage email templates, and create individual email messages for your contacts.

​Landing Pages​

Build special websites for generating leads, building contact profiles, or tracking recipient activity.

​Asset Library​

Upload media elements such as images to Mapp Engage. Reuse this content in different messages and sendout channels.

​Coupon Manager​

Manage the coupons and barcodes that you send to recipients in messages.


Create a website where you can redirect your target audience.

Subscribe and unsubscribe microsites are unique microsites that can be created using form blocks.


A block represents a specific chunk of reusable content. A block can be a header area with an image and three columns of text. When you create a message, you fill the blocks with content.

You can use these tools together, to create dynamic and engaging message campaigns.