While you work on the Segmentation Builder canvas, you can monitor the number of contacts in your selection. These counts provide instant feedback about the size of your selection and help you to evaluate the projected impact of your campaign.

You see this information while you are building the plan, so you can check and adjust the segmentation criteria as you work.

As you work in the Segmentation Builder, you see three numbers:

  • The total number of contacts in the whole platform who meet all the selection criteria. This number appears at the top of the selection plan.

    This calculation is not done automatically - you must trigger it manually. See the procedure below for more details.

  • The maximum size set for the selection. This number appears at the top of the selection plan.
  • The number of contacts who match the filter criteria of a container. This number appears at the top right of each container.

  • The subset of contacts who match single filter criteria. This number appears on the right side of each criteria.


  1. Create a new selection and add your criteria. The selection count is not available.
  2. At any point in the selection creation process, click the   symbol to trigger the calculation.
  3. The calculation is ready and you can see the total number of contacts matching the selected criteria.
  4. To refresh all counts, click the  symbol at the top of the canvas.

Limit Selection Size

Set the limitation when creating the audience in Segmentation Builder

Check and refresh calculation of the selection

Control which of your selections have a limitation set

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