With Mapp Engage, you can interact with many contacts. To simplify contact management, you can automate imports and profile updates. From time to time, however, you can still locate and update contacts individually or manage the memberships of a single group.

The system provides an array of useful tools that help you keep your contact list up-to-date.


  • Store detailed information about your contacts in expandable contact profiles.

  • Add and update contact profile data, either manually or automatically.

  • Manage contacts in different groups.

  • Prevent sendout to specific contacts by adding them to an internal blacklist.

  • Export contact profiles.

  • Anonymize contacts to meet the GDPR right to be forgotten requirement.

Contact Overview​

All the contacts who are stored in your system are displayed in a single overview window. You can filter and sort the list to locate specific contacts. Use this view when you want to update an individual contact profile or view information that is related to specific content.

For more information, see All Contacts (tab)​.

Group Members​

You can also see a list of contacts who have been added as members to a group. In this view, the owner or manager of the group can:

  • Edit contact profiles.

  • Import contacts from a source file.

  • Import contacts using a selection.

  • Add one or more contacts directly in the web interface.

  • Export a list of contacts who are members of a group.

  • Approve contacts who have requested membership for a specific group.

For more information, see  Group Members (tab)​.