Shows how often a campaign was clicked.

Short Facts

It is considered how often a data source of an advertising medium was tracked.

Data sources of campaigns are:

Data SourceCorresponds to the Figure
URL parameter (media code)-
PagePage Impressions
SEOQty Sources Search Engines WITHOUT URL parameter
Social media SourceQty Sources Social Media Sources WITHOUT URL parameter
Other SourceQty Sources Other Sources WITHOUT URL parameter
Direct entryEntries Entry Sources WITHOUT URL parameter


A user uses two links in a newsletter:

  • Days analysis (Visitors > Traffic)

  • Ad Media analysis (Marketing> Campaigns > Advertising Media)

3 Page Impressions are assigned to "mc=newsletter.linkA" - those from "Landingpage A" and those from "product view". These are all Page Impressions until a new campaign is clicked.

  • Pages analysis (Navigation > Pages > Pages)

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Further Information:

Training document Basic Metrics
Training document Campaign Analyses

You can also find a course on campaigns at Mapp Academy. Log in and search for "Mapp Intelligence - Campaign Analyses".