This plugin is compatible with Adobe Commerce 2.4+.


The Adobe Commerce plugin can be used to create a data layer for Mapp Intelligence. This data layer can then be then accessed with a tag manager (e.g., Google Tag Manager or Mapp Intelligence Tag Integration).  The configuration of the pixel is also done there.

A variety of information is available in the data layer. This includes different areas:

  • Pages
    • Page tracking based on the URL
    • Page title
    • Categorization (content groups)
    • Number of pages (e.g., number of search results, product lists)
  • Users 
    • Customer ID
    • Gender
  • Products
    • Product tracking with different product statuses (e.g., viewed, added to cart, purchased)
    • Quantity and price
  • Orders
    • Order ID
    • Order Value
    • Coupon Value
    • Currency

Depending on your shop configuration, you might find much more data available.