To add a parameter to every link in an email automatically.

Background Information​

In the group settings, you define the parameters that are inserted into all links in an email. The parameters consist of name and value pairs. These parameters can contain static values, personalization placeholders, and Mapp Engage Variables. When personalized, Engage replaces the placeholders in the links during sendout with the corresponding value that is stored in the system.


Every time that you send a newsletter, you add the external message ID to every link in the email. This ID helps you track the performance of each newsletter in your eCommerce system and web analytics tool.

  • In the settings of the group that you use to send the newsletter, you enter a name and value for the parameter. The value is the placeholder for the external message ID stored in Mapp Engage

    • Name: exmid

    • Value: <%Message.ExternalID%>

  • When you write the newsletter, you enter a value in the External Message-ID​ input field that matches the ID from your eCommerce platform. This month, you use:

    • november15_womenswear

  • After the sendout, every link in the email includes a parameter that contains the external message ID:

    • www.sportswear.com/?exmid=november15_womenswear


  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click Audience Groups.
    ⇒ The ​Groups​ window opens.
  2. Next to the group which you use for the message sendout, click the symbol.
    ⇒ The ​General Settings​ window opens.
  3. Click the ​Tracking & Links​ tab.
  4. Expand the ​Link Parameters​ area.
  5. Next to ​Add a new link parameter​, click the symbol.
    ⇒ The input fields that define the link parameter appears.
  6. In the first input field, enter a name for the parameter. The name cannot contain special characters or spaces.

  7. In the second input field, enter the value for the parameter. You can enter a static value, a personalization placeholder, or a Mapp Engage Variable.

    • To add a personalization placeholder or Mapp Engage Variable, click the ​Personalization​ button.

    • To add standard parameters that are used by a web analytics integration, click the ​Web Analytics​ button.

  8. Click the ​Save​ button.
    ⇒ The group settings are saved. This parameter is inserted into every link in every email you send to this group.