To add a parameter to a link in an email manually.

Background Information​

In step  ​2. Content​ of the message creation process, you define the parameters that are inserted into specific links in an email. The parameters consist of name and value pairs. These parameters can contain static values, personalization placeholders, and Mapp Engage Variables. Engage replaces personalization placeholders in the links during sendout with the corresponding value that is stored in the system. You can add different parameters to each link in the email.


Your message contains a link to your ecommerce platform. You add a parameter that inserts the ID of each contact into the URL. This value is used by the ecommerce platform to identify the contacts and personalize their shopping experience.

  • The message body contains a link to your ecommerce platform. The link appears as follows.
    <a href="www.sportswear.com>Shop Online</a>

  • At the end of the URL, you add symbols for the path and query. You add the name and value pair for the parameter. The value for the parameter is inserted for each contact by a placeholder. The link appears as follows.
    <a href=">Shop'>www.sportswear.com/?contactID=<%${user['ID']}%>>Shop Online</a>

  • After sendout, the link in the email inbox points to the following URL.

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  1. Open an email in the ​Compose Message​ window.
  2. Locate a link to which you want to add a parameter.
  3. Add the parameter to the query part of the URL. The query part follows a question mark symbol.

    • To insert a value from the contact profile, use a personalization placeholder.

    • To insert a value specific to the message, group, or system, use a Mapp Engage Variable.

  4. Save and send the email.
    ⇒ During sendout, the specified parameter is added to the link. Placeholders are replaced with the corresponding values in Mapp Engage.