To activate conversion tracking for a message sent with Engage. For more information, see ​Conversion Tracking​.

This can be set up:

  • ​Enable Conversion Tracking for a Group​
    - or -

  • ​Enable Conversion Tracking for a Singe Message​


A tracking pixel has been created in Engage and added to the order confirmation page of your online shop (see ​Create a Tracking Pixel​).

For cookie-less conversion tracking, both the MID (message ID) and UID (user ID) must be attached to the links (see ​Add Message ID and User ID to Links (cookieless conversion tracking)​).


Enable Conversion Tracking for a Group

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​ menu, click ​Groups​ .
  2. Create a new group or edit an existing group.
  3. Select the ​Sendout Settings​  tab.
  4. Expand the area Leading or Closing Content for Emails​ .
  5. Enter the ​Engage Variable​ for Conversion Tracking into all an input field for  ​leading content​or​closing content​.
    The​ Engage Variable ​ for Conversion Tracking has the following format:

    With Cookie​:
    <%EventTracking id="1190" cookie="true"%>

    Cookies are created in Engage with a default lifespan of 30 days.

    To shorten this lifespan, contact your customer service representative. The lifespan of your cookies can be individually configured for your system.

    ​Without Cookie​:
    <%EventTracking id="1190" cookie="false"%>

  6. Change the ID to the ID of the conversion tracking. The ID is displayed in the ​Conversion Tracking Overview​ window in the ​Details​ area (see ​Conversion Tracking Overview (window)​).
  7. Click ​Save​.
    Conversion Tracking is now used for every message sent in this group.
    When your landing pages are customized correspondingly, this data is returned to your Engage system. 

As adding the tracking pixels manually to each message is prone to human error, we recommend setting the tracking pixel inside the group.

Enable Conversion Tracking for a Single Message

  1. Click ​New Message​ in the Quick Links.
  2. Choose a position at the beginning or end of the message where the Conversion Tracking variable should be entered.
  3. Click on the button ​Engage Variables​ .
  4. A sidebar wizard opens.
  5. Select ​Conversion Tracking​ .
  6. Conversion Trackings​  are displayed in the wizard. If the conversion tracking you want to enter is not displayed you can search for it with ​Show more conversion trackings​.
  7. Click the Use button next to the conversion tracking.
    ⇒ The circle on the mouse pointer displays that the Engage Variable is loaded.
  8. Move the mouse inside the Compose Message window and click where you want to enter the Engage Variable.
  9. Click on the right mouse button.
    ⇒ An INSERT button is displayed.
  10. Click the button.
    ⇒ The  ​Engage Variable​  is inserted.
     When the message is sent, Conversion Tracking is activated for this message. When your landing pages are customized correspondingly, this data is returned to your Engage system.