The most exciting, and at the same time, the most challenging season for eCommerce and retail is well underway. 

As a marketer, you want to ensure that you are all set for a successful shopping season with high conversion rates and smooth email send-outs

We have put together some best practices to help you prepare your system for increased Email traffic.

Optimize imports

Optimizing data flow into the Engage system is particularly important during peak season, especially if you work with big data.

To avoid delays, we recommend that you follow these best practices:

  • Schedule data imports earlier than usual and use off-peak hours like early morning, late evenings, or nighttime to avoid longer wait times for uploads.

  • Import only critical data - use the Add Mode or Replace Mode for imports. These modes are much faster than the Update Mode, which is only recommended for smaller data sets (i.e. up to two million records).

Reduce the number of exports

Additional big data activities may slow down the system. Here's what you can do to improve speed:

  • Put any non-critical data exports on hold

  • Avoid concurrent data exports

  • Schedule important exports during off-peak hours instead

Transport Accelerator

Mapp developed the Transport Accelerator to ensure high performance also for traffic peaks. It improves the speed of your email send-out by rendering personalized messages in advance. Please note that this is a non-standard feature that requires additional setup by Mapp. Contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager for further information.

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